Tuesday, May 23, 2017

On hatredphobia

I am certainly a negative person (unashamedly so - I don't think there is anything wrong with that). As such I am really quite fed up with this kind of blind positivity and optimism. Every time something like this happens, all you keep hearing and seeing is
  • "We are not afraid, because that's what they want"
  • "We must carry on with our lives, we can't let them win"
  • "You cannot defeat us"
  • "Make love not war", "Love trumps hate", "Choose love", and hand gestures and drawings full of "love"
What's wrong with these, you say? Well, I cannot explain that. Those are such correct and positive things to say, how can you possibly argue against them? I am certainly not articulate enough to express any argument, I hope someone else could and I also kind of hope that deep down people feel that it is not right.

Saying these things obviously does not help solve the problem. (Seriously? You carry on with your lives as normal, so they just carry on with their lives as normal and continue to kill people. Is that your definition of them "not winning"?) But that's ok; showing solemnity, solidarity and respect is absolutely the right thing to do. Even fooling yourself with a false sense of confidence and optimism is sometimes necessary to keep morale up.

But more importantly, I feel that is not even the reason they say such things; rather it is to let them (subconsciously) "feel good about themselves", to convince themselves that "I'm a good person, I don't hate people" (even after they do terrible things to you). This self-indulgence of "love" and the idea that love can magically solve all problems is alarming. (As in HK where "love and peace" can allegedly break through the armour of a tank...)

People are being so conditioned these days, that no matter what atrocities happen, there is no anger, no rage, never mind hatred. There is no fight. These "negative" emotions have been suppressed. And I am not only talking about the "recognized", politically-incorrect forms of "phobia"; this also can be seen, for example, in the Jo Cox murder (killed by someone presumably far-right, and the husband repeatedly told people not to hate), and a while ago I posted on a case of a Taiwanese killing an innocent girl.

If Daleks purged all emotion other than hatred, then the left is about to succeed in the exact opposite*. Both, I would argue, are anti-human.

And I suspect this post may get me into some trouble...

(*): Actually that's not quite true, they have no problem hating certain political parties or figures, ironically accusing them of spreading fear.

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