Thursday, April 26, 2007

Snooker championship 2007

Time runs so quickly and it is another snooker championship already. Not unexpectedly, Marco Fu loses pretty quickly. Whenever you have any expectations on him, he will not perform. In fact, his mistakes are sometimes so embarassing to watch.

It is the second time that I watched a O'Sullivan-Ding match. This Ding Jun-hui simply doesn't look like wanting to win. Whenever a few frames behind, he will behave like this so that, like some school students, he can subconsciously give himself the excuse "it's not my standard too low, it's only I choose not to perform".

Friday, April 13, 2007

to view and be viewed

Yesterday a (continental-European?) couple viewed my flat. I don't know whether it is obviously too good or obviously too bad, but they spent less than 2 minutes here.

Today I viewed another flat, although I'm supposed to have committed to the one I mentioned last time. It is a brand new flat, the interior of which is furnished to the highest standards. What's more, the rent is exactly the same as my current one. On the down side, it is immediately next to a construction site, and the building (or group of buildings) itself is not completely finished, so you feel somewhat living in a construction site. But other people are apparently rather happy with it. This is also a bit too far from the university, which means extra travel costs. If not for this I would be very happy to take this...

Monday, April 02, 2007

Moving house?

My current tenancy contract is about to expire and I want to find some cheaper place to live. (Actually, the real problem is this. There are still some unexplained ways for them to possibly get in. And rumour is that they have the same problem two years before. Another rumour is that there was even wasps...) So I viewed a couple of flats.

The first one I viewed was a complete joke.

I was advised long ago that "the other side" of London road is not as safe. Wondering why just the other side makes a difference, I arrived and noticed that, just a few blocks off the road, it clearly is a poorer part of the city.

When I found the house, the first thing to notice is that the house next door had its windows smashed. For the flat itself, there was still someone living and was in a mess, but let's forget about it. When I walked into the bathroom the biggest surprise came: one of the walls was only halfly built. The other side of the wall opened to the next flat, which was then visible from outside the house. The landlord said this is "renovation" and "will be finished within days". Then why don't you just wait a few more days before letting people view it? It's a complete waste of my time. And the most bizarre thing is that, as mentioned above, there was still someone staying there, although he was going to leave in a few days... I just wondered, how on earth does he use the toilet these days?

The second flat I viewed is much more reasonable. Its on the busiest road, near the train station, and directly above a restaurant, and should be very noisy. Other than this, it looks a reasonable place, but certainly not as good as the one I am living. The furniture etc. are not as complete/good and I will need to spend some money. I am actually looking for something with smaller area but similar quality (comparing with my current one), but it looks like all available out there is similar area but poorer quality.

I have some psychological struggle to move to a clearly worse place. I need to keep on reminding myself, "imagine a hundred wasps all burst into your flat through the ceiling!"...