Sunday, April 30, 2006

A miraculous comeback

Almost, that is.

A crappy session by both at 4-4; then both have played better and Ebdon led Fu 9-7; then in third session Ebdon played so well that no one can stop anyway, but Fu was not in form and lost to 9-15. When no one expected he could make it, Marco Fu came back from 9-15 to 15-15 and marginally losing at 16-17 in the final session. Hope he plays better in the future, especially don't start to miss pots when close to reach a safe line...

Friday, April 28, 2006

Marco Fu v Ken Doherty

So Marco Fu finally got past Ken Doherty. Given that Ken Doherty is such a tactical player, this means there is now a genuine chance for Marco to win anyone. In particular the mental strength of Marco is impressive as they played very time-consuming frames, and the 19th frame is "stolen".

Now with Peter Ebdon, however, things can only be worse and reportedly (no i didn't watch it) the 4:4 tie up to now is full of crappy play...

Sunday, April 23, 2006

"busy" with various things

These days I have been rather busy with things like:
1. watching Marco Fu and others playing snooker. It seems that Marco is in very good form...
2. and watching too much snooker makes me almost forget the Chelsea-Liverpool FA cup match (only realizing it 5 minutes before kick-off);
3. counting my newly-acquired (yes, again) hard-plastic pieces. It looks like I never get the complete set of pieces in the first instance whenever I get large sets off ebay;
4. looping 傷信 and 1874 (new concert version);
5. and finally on the more serious side, doing assignment. Massification. Commodification. Constructivism. Can you make sense out of these? I was very disappointed when they resolved that "staff development courses" should not be affected by the industrial action...

Sunday, April 16, 2006

An interesting MPhil application

Some time ago we received an MPhil application. That actually has nothing to do with me, but somehow it get circulated around. Based on my very limited knowledge about that area (well I did teach that, but that does not mean I know enough), I determined that the "research proposal" is cranky. (The bell starts ringing whenever you see "equations" of algorithms can be "incorporated" together. He already had an algorithm, and a "theory" of the same name. Also plans to have "month by month expansion" of algorithms.)

Then one day I was hoping to get some fun when reading the "proposal" again, and this time I googled the applicant's name. Assuming it is not a name collision, this person had written a software that is claimed to be many times faster than existing products, and hence got an award from a nearby country, and made his name on BBC, Slashdot, etc. This is followed by criticisms about the validity of the speed claim. He claimed the software would be commercialized soon, but of course it is nowhere to be seen now.

He may be a good programmer, but there are many people who are good at one thing and completely cranky on another related thing...

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Fake conferences

I come across this web site on fake conferences a bit too late - just a few days before its closure, and when I want to visit it again it is already closed. I then come up with the idea of doing one myself, listing all those "prestigious" conferences that everyone knows, posting their emails with my comments. Unfortunately, someone has already done that (at least on this latest email)...

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Our department head's old April fool joke about RAE become a reality. It is as if after the RAE is scrapped the "burden" on academics will disappear. Like replacing 學能測驗 with... (what's the name?) automatically makes everyone happy. And a metrics-based system - count your papers, impact factors, acceptance rates...

(1) 質量顛倒學問不是豬牛雞鴨,不適合論斤計件,但是,行內眾所周知,眼前的學術政策恰恰就是要論斤計件:重量不重質。

(3) 皮肉顛倒我們有時會把書籍的封面叫做「書皮」,把書籍的內文叫做「書肉」。一本書的優劣,取決於書肉,而不是書皮;取決於書肉的內涵,而不是書皮上印着的出版社字號。



Sunday, April 02, 2006

April Fool's day at London

On April Fool's day I went to London. For no particular purpose. I mean, unlike in HK where you might go to some rural places in holiday, here I need to go to some place which look more like a city.

I happened to walk into the British museum, hoping to look at some stolen Chinese antiques...(?) I don't know what they are, anyway, except some... 利是封. With hello-kitty. I never thought that could be in a museum. Then I went to the Chinatown to look for some Chinese food. I ended up at a Hong-kong style 茶餐廳. I'm sure that's very Hong-kong style, not only the food but also hygiene and service. After that, I walked around, e.g. to look at the pool of ducks in front of the Buckingham place.

Silly enough, huh?