Sunday, April 19, 2009

Leicester City promoted

So Leicester City is promoted back to the Championship, and as champion of League One at the same time, with two games to spare; although at one point it looks like losing momentum and wastes all the huge lead that was made in the middle of the season. It is important to get out of this League One in the first season, or otherwise it may take ages to get out, just like Nottingham Forest and Leeds.

Now let's hope "the management" don't make any more silly moves and make sure the team at least survives with some comfort in the Championship next season...

Thursday, April 02, 2009


港足聯賽 爆踢假波疑雲

香港足球圈之「盛況」早已人所共知,多年來在一少撮人圍威喂的「緊密合作」下,把球市搞得「有聲有色」,每場賽事觀眾多達數十人。不知何故,近年竟能更創高峰,甲組球隊數目愈來愈多,有人更一人搞兩隊波。如果我是班主,一定提供一條龍服務。試想: 賭仔有波賭,開賭有錢搵,球員有波踢,唔駛踢也有錢收,可謂百利而無一害,對香港經濟將帶來巨大貢獻...