Friday, January 18, 2008

First post 2008

So, haven't blogged for a very long time. Perhaps it might be a better idea to blog less frequently but to write something more meaningful every time. Maybe not this one though.

As the first post of 2008, I will try to turn complaints to some "positive thinking". Coming back to UK again (yes I've been to HK once again), at least I wasn't on the flight which crash-landed at Heathrow, so it's not bad. Even though it was delayed by a full hour for another reason. This almost made the pre-bought train tickets becoming useless, except that, rather miraculously, my luggage was one of the first few to come out. This by itself was not good enough, and so for the first time I got on the Heathrow Express to catch the train. Paying for that may be better than to pay for an almost arbitrary fare of a train ticket. And when I was back home, the light bulbs all worked properly!