Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Chief Invigilator

Perhaps they think people in CS department will not be on strike? They almost assign every exam session with CS papers to use CS staff as chief invigilator. Obviously it isn't a good idea for me is it? Last time people thought I'm a student...

Nothing important happens in today's exam session, though, except people sit wherever they like...

Monday, May 29, 2006



PS. 請勿再 forward 巴士大叔事件 給我了,我唔係你地諗得咁 out... 我成個月前已經睇過段片...
(請注意,以上 link 及其整個網站均充斥粗口,鹹野,人身攻擊,個人私隱等等,總之十八歲以下或不喜者勿入)

Friday, May 26, 2006

More bees

After a seemingly peaceful night, this morning there's no bees inside. I got out, it's raining, and I didn't see anything suspicious around the house.

In the afternoon when I returned, sky was clear; I looked at the second floor when I was still on ground floor, and - oh gee - bees flying around my flat, and in particular they seemed to get in the ventilation between the ceiling and the roof of my flat - a beehive or something inside. I was standing there looking, thinking what I should do, talking to a neighbor, and then the neighbor who's living next to me appeared (yes, the one mentioned here before). She said she has the same problem with bees, called the city council to treat them, thinking that's her problem when in fact the bees have chosen my flat. The council people told her the bees would still be mad for a few hours - although they didn't appear too mad to me; I think they are flying quite happily?

Back inside the flat, there are, well, bees. Not as many as before - yesterday's 60, today's 15, an "improvement"... I think that's because I sealed many of the spaces in the ceiling/ventilation.

So now, (1) I know where the problem is, (2) I have stopped some of their ways to get in, (3) the root of the problem is supposed to be solved. But it remains to see whether their treatment is effective. And being effective for this time does not prevent the problem re-appearing later...

And there is still a mystery. The bees inside the flat yesterday were like today's - dying. Why's that? Who treated them yesterday?

Thursday, May 25, 2006


媽呀!救命呀!!!!!!我今日一番到屋企,就見到幾十隻蜜蜂係間屋到... 我間屋明明係密室,所有窗閂埋晒... 但個假天花唔知點樣出到屋外面,佢地就係咁樣飛入黎... 唔知點解佢地大都已經死剩半條命... 但我仍然很驚,搞左一大輪先殺晒... 點解?點解?今晚訓訓下又飛幾隻入黎點算?聽日返黎又有幾多隻?我洗唔洗報警?!

仲有上兩個禮拜,我 office 窗只開一條 "lar",但還有一隻蜜蜂死都要捐入黎...

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Mark our work! Mark our work!

本學系今日上電視!一眾學生抗議 lecturer 罷工唔改卷,不知何故選擇在本學系對開空地集會示威...
East Midlands Today 6:30 News (video: will not remain here for too long)
BBC News (webpage)

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Matrix (again)

One or two weeks ago the TV was showing the film Matrix. Then in some (Hong Kong) forum I saw people talking about the price of the ultimate Matrix collection being expensive. And then for some reason colleagues talked about movies and mentioned a bit about Matrix. Finally, yesterday I walked past the HMV; I simply felt there's something not quite right, so I decided to go in and see - and the first thing I noticed is that they are having a sale on the ultimate Matrix collection, at 19.99 pounds - that is 2 pounds a DVD!

Friday, May 05, 2006

fire drill

We had a fire drill yesterday, when "the building must be empty within 90 seconds". From this you can conclude how large the building is. But it finished equally quickly - you don't need to stand in Haking Wong podium for 20 minutes doing nothing...