Saturday, March 22, 2008

Leicester 0-2 Hull

I have never watched a football match for this city's team before, but I did it today, because (1) it is a holiday, (2) they are doing a promotion with cheap tickets, and (3) I don't like to watch championship matches but maybe next year it will be at an even lower level... So anyway I went, without knowing a single player.

The performance was, simply, awful. The other side wasn't playing very well anyway but ours was just plain bad. It looked more like a volleyball match; the ball was almost always in the air. Alright, this is "English football", but then they couldn't get their headers right - just standing there waiting for the ball to drop onto their heads when the opponents jump and get the ball. On the few occasions when the ball actually get passed on the ground, it was passed directly to the opponent's feet; almost every pass went wrong. I don't remember when's the last time I watched a match as bad as this for a full 90 minutes.

There are maybe two good players, including the goalkeeper which made brilliant saves including a penalty. Without him it would easily have been 0-4. But the rest is poor, the midfield almost invisible and I don't seem to remember any non-trivial shots on target at all. No wonder they are struggling against relegation. Just can't understand how this team can beat WBA 4-1 and Watford also 4-1...