Sunday, May 04, 2008

A fully deserved relegation

According to Wikipedia, Leicester City is among a small number of clubs (with all others being big names) to have never played outside of the top two tiers in English football. This ends today when they are relegated to League One. A fully deserved result, sadly to say. I said previously how bad the performance on pitch was. When you look at the management it is even more ridiculous.

In early 2007 someone bought the club. You would expect him to spend lots of money to bring the club to Premier League, huh? He might have spent some money but I didn't notice him doing anything other than firing managers, and getting worse and worse ones. In 2007 alone there are 7 different managers including caretakers. I wonder whether he really knows what he is doing.

The latest manager is little better than a clown. He appears to have little or no footballing sense. Every time he appeared on TV or quoted or newspapers/websites, he said things like "think positive", "needs fans support" etc as if talking or cheering up can win you a match.
He is still in the manager position only because there were already too many managers fired, or maybe because no one want to pick up such a job.

Now that relegation is confirmed, may someone fire him? And if the owner is not interested, perhaps he can quit too?