Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The French coach

Euro'08 isn't over yet, but this is bound to be one of the funniest thing. Clearly there is some problem with the French coach, not just the person but also the vehicle:

Friday, June 06, 2008

Legoland windsor

During the week 19th - 25th May (yes it's well past but I only have time to write about it now...) I've been to 5 cities (towns?) in 7 days. That's probably more than what I did in the past 7 months before it. But for various reasons I'm not going to describe all of that here, but only talk about Legoland at Windsor.

You would have thought that, as a Lego fan, I would have been to there long before. No, because there isn't actually much lego there and most of the stuff are quite silly and is targeted at small children. I mean can you imagine yourself going there alone, and stand in a queue with lots of 3-year-olds... Also the money could rather be spent on buying some half-decent sets. But this time round, we went together so it may look a bit less silly...

It turns out that this must be low season, with very little people and no queue anywhere. We finished rather quickly and didn't actually do much. What happened include: (1) seeing real ducks swimming leisurely in the rivers in Miniland; (2) unknowingly got on a roller coaster; (3) repeatedly taking a rather boring "train".

I'm a bit disappointed with the "big shop", it's not that big after all, and I was expecting to get hold of (literally; just grab it on hands, not buying...) some exclusive ultra-expensive sets, which there didn't seem to be any.

Elsewhere on the same day I had some fun with some other animals, including a cat which seem enjoy scratching its head with my jeans, and geese (or whatever water-birds they are) with me blocking their path...