Friday, August 26, 2011

A half-dead laptop, a half-dead TV aerial and a new half-series of DW

A few days ago I thought my laptop was properly dead. I assume it must be this well-documented problem of the Nvidia 8xxx series display chip. But perhaps I shouldn't complain too much: one, it happens a few years later than it did to some other people, and two, I actually managed to savage the computer by going into safe mode and disabling the card and thereby switches to, presumably, the on-board display. So far it seems to be holding up - I'm typing from this thing right now - although not sure for how long. I suppose I can tolerate the lower resolution and the sluggish response.

Now I'm thinking maybe I should buy a desktop PC - so far I have always been using a large-screen laptop as a desktop replacement, but it seems to make sense to split the money instead on a small netbook/tablet and an average desktop. There are plenty of cheap PCs in this country, just that the spec is a bit... meh. Looks like they are months if not years behind the newest models. And 20% VAT...

And in addition to that, the TV is not receiving properly either since this digital switchover thing. I was told that the (communal) aerial is to blame, but the management company seems pretty determined not to do anything about it until at least after the second stage of the switchover, and probably long after that. So now over a hundred people who share that aerial are sitting through this bank holiday without BBC1, 2, 3 and 80. I can get a very poor analogue BBC1/2 signal from a different transmitter, but it too will be switched off in a couple of week's time. They can take a better time; Doctor Who is coming back, you know.

Speaking of which, this remaining half-series of DW seems even more insane than ever (a shape-shifting spaceship with metallic jellyfish and miniaturized people inside who are time police?! Egyptian pyramid labeled as USA Area 52 with a train running right inside it?!) Only if the episodes are half as good as the trailers I'll be very happy. They certainly know how to make trailers. And what trailer music they used too...

Friday, August 19, 2011

亡德作賊 媚共求榮





徐立之你不知是不是作賊心虛呢,一時說 「副總理李克強出席典禮,是對方的安排」 (你生日會有人白撞?),一時又說李克強是 「應港大邀請到訪」。再說,李克強於港大無名無分,竟居中坐「龍椅」,就像 facebook 有人說的:「我說白了,即使是黑社會,也斷不會到人家的生日會坐中間的!



本來這只是一時口誤,不宜苛責,但重點是他說的是正是事實。在他的領導下,那些甚麼河套區校園啊 (好人好姐搬去邊境?),或直接去深圳開分校,迫香港學生返大陸讀啊 (回鄉証給公安沒收了的「攪事分子」,或怕吃地溝油死 / 電視機爆炸死 / 給城管打死 / 搭高鐵撞死 /... 而不肯返大陸的,是否就沒書讀?),「中港融合」得很好嘛。



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