Friday, August 16, 2013

Saving A Primary School Teacher in Hong Kong from Political Persecution

(Original article from the petition linked below; the following is my extended version.)

Ms Alpais Lam Wai-sze, a primary school teacher in Hong Kong, is being politically persecuted for merely saying "what the fuck" upon witnessing the injustice routinely carried out by Hong Kong police.

(From Cuson Lo)

On July 14, a pro-communist group attacked a Falun Gong stall in the street. While very few people in Hong Kong like Falun Gong, Hong Kong citizens recognize their freedom of expression. Yet the police, clearly politically biased, routinely turn a blind eye to such violent incidents which has become a regular scene. On this occasion, Ms Lam, who happened to be passing by, stood up against the police's inaction (the police cordoned off the two groups and let the violence continue.) Her action of defending justice was followed by harassment: huge banners were left at her school calling for her dismissal; the "chief executive" of Hong Kong, C. Y. Leung, asked the Education Bureau to file a report on Ms Lam’s case; and the Regional Crime Squad of the police received order to investigate into Lam’s case. All for merely saying a WTF. 

We condemn such government organised, politically motivated persecution and harassment against an individual. Some Hong Kong people are again (following the Chinese raid of baby milk powder in Hong Kong) trying to seek international attention by petitioning on the US Government website.