Friday, October 01, 2010

Ten unrelated things

1. It is time of the year again for school catering outlets to raise their prices.  Good, at least one third of the students won't know last year's price.

2. And it is also time of the year to see International students, usually Chinese, going to the canteen with no idea what a "typical" meal looks like and grabbing a weird combination of food items.  Usually it costs a lot (although they have no idea what a reasonable price is) and, more importantly, doesn't fill the stomach.  Although, to be fair, it is indeed very difficult to pick anything reasonable. The only obvious choice is:

3. Why are (almost) all Erasmus students Spaniards?  (Ok, there were two French yesterday...)

4. And girls?  (At least those that I need/choose to deal with.  Today the office was about to send another one to me.  As soon as I hear it is a he, I redirect him to the next door.)

5. Of course, nothing wrong with Spaniards, nor girls, nor Spanish girls; I already had "Final Year Projects: I teach you in a Spanish way" twice in the past. (Readers of this blog should be old enough to get this.) Which probably won't happen this year, unless they assigned some extra load on me.  That is when I had 20 vivas ("oral defence", in some sense) in a single week a couple weeks ago.

6. The average student here seems to have absolutely no stock market experience, unlike those in Hong Kong.  I have yet to supervise one project student which really know how the stock market works.

7. I hope you don't mind me indulge myself a little bit here:

It doesn't happen very often, you know.  Last year I think I topped only once and was then quickly surpassed. And I should spend half the time I spent on this game on a real stock market:

8. "A holding midfielder, right back, and center back away from an excellent starting XI and all injured."  Actually according to BBC you can just about put out a team like this

Van Persie
Fabregas Frimpong Diaby Walcott
Gibbs Vermaelen Bendtner Ramsey

The missing one is Denilson, who is daydreaming at the centre circle.

9. In the past two weeks or so there were at least 3 occasions of strangers in the street saying "Ni hao" to me, in different places and from different "types" of people (non-Chinese, obviously).  Didn't know that many people know Putonghua.  However, when I think about it a little more, it reveals something very disturbing (to me)... you know, in the past unknown strangers usually speak Japanese to me.  Perhaps as years gone by I looked more and more like...

10. How should we "celebrate" the (63+1)th national day in 2013?

Leicester City sack manager Paulo Sousa

At last. 

I don't know what went wrong; most likely it is not entirely the manager's fault. But clearly winning one game out of nine and staying rock bottom of the table is not acceptable, and something got to change. Particularly when we were promotion candidates last year and now the only thing we should be looking at is to avoid relegation.

Richard Bevan, chief executive of the League Managers Association, said: "How can a chairman expect to deliver success at a football club when a talented manager is recruited and dismissed within two months?
 Never mind success, he delivered disaster within two months.
"Knee-jerk dismissals, and the chopping and changing of managers will not deliver success on the field and is incredibly destabilizing to the entire club.
"Leicester City Football Club has had 14 managers since 2004 and six whilst the current chairman has been at the club.
"Clearly the club has to examine its manager recruitment strategy as their current approach does not work.
"It is damaging to the club and its fans and is an inappropriate way to treat talented managers and their careers." 
Fair points, but just keep the second half of the final sentence, would you?  Presumably the League Managers Association is an association to speak for managers' benefits, so don't speak like as if you are so caring about a club's success.