Monday, May 01, 2017

Excuse me, whose Parliament is it supposed to be?

It always baffles me why some political parties in this country openly stand for foreign interests and are against British interests. Like Labour who say they will unilaterally guarantee EU citizens' rights on day one. Also Lib Dems at the House of Lords. We are electing members of the British Parliament, we are choosing a British prime minister. Why should they put foreign interests ahead of British interests? You don't need to worry about EU citizens' rights, because the other 27 countries are going to fight for it. That is what they are demanding and rightly so. The British government should be fighting for the rights of British citizens residing in EU; otherwise who is going to speak for them?

And if it is such an "honourable" and "decent" thing to offer a unilateral guarantee, why don't they ask the EU to do this decent thing?

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