Friday, April 15, 2016

Unconventional arguments on why we should leave the EU (1)

To coincide with the official start date of the EU referendum campaigning, this is the first of a series of posts (if I indeed managed to write more than one post, that is) on why we should leave the EU. Or more precisely, as the title suggests, some arguments that I thought are less frequently seen elsewhere, since for me there is one simple overruling reason (sovereignty: maybe more on this in the future, but not in this post.)

One natural thought is that leaving is too much a change. I suppose many people who haven't thought too much about the issue would think "why bother", and would prefer to "keep the status quo" as there seems to be no big sudden change externally that we need to react to. But I want to say:  

Staying in the EU is not keeping the status quo

Every day you stay in it, you get dragged more and more into their ideology of a political union (despite Cameron's deal which claim to guarantee an exemption). One that controls your law, your immigration policy, your taxation, your condom sizes and vacuum cleaner power (yes). Bit by bit, unnoticeably, the EU exerts more control using their "EU directives" that no one seem to know how they were approved (if they were) or how they can be stopped. So no, if we opt to stay in, you don't just stay in, you lose more and more control.

Next posts (if any):

- "You yourself is a migrant! How can you possibly support cutting immigration?"
- "Prices will go up"?