Sunday, May 17, 2015

Political persecution drives Hong Kong primary school teacher to brink of committing suicide

稱校方頻召見 林慧思fb留言想死

We previously posted about the political persecution and harassment faced by primary school teacher Ms Lam Wai-Sze. Almost two years on and she is still facing constant harassment. On the morning of 16th May she posted a suicide note on facebook, which worried a lot of her supporters. She has since sought medical help and calmed down.

She was forced to take a half-year leave since the incident in 2013. During the past one and a half years since she returned to work, she faces constant harassment by pro-Beijing organisations, who keep making complaints to the school she works at (Pui Ling School of the Precious Blood). The school has summoned her over 20 times to explain herself. The most recent one concerns her facebook political posts and they want Ms Lam to ban under-18 from seeing the posts. Ms Lam reminded the school not to interfere her freedom of speech, but some colleagues scolded her for this.

She emphasized that she has never imposed her own political opinion upon her students. Netizens expressed support and encouraged her not to back down. Chin Wan, a prominent political figure, has suggested she could seek political asylum.

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