Friday, April 23, 2010

Snooker World Championship 2010

So I was at Sheffield again to watch the first session of the Marco Fu vs Martin Gould match.

I arrived very early and while walking up there, Mark Allen (who was going to play at the other table) walked right across in front of me.

I sat in row G this time, a bit closer to the tables. Probably wasn't caught on TV, I hope.

As for the match itself... well. Fu never failed to disappoint me. It started quite well for him, but perhaps it was only the other guy starting rather shabbily. At one point Fu was leading 4-1, but he did not manage to take advantage of this; during the latter half of the session Gould clearly showed sign of much increased confidence and pull it back to just 4-5 behind. It was therefore not surprising that when the match resumed the next day Fu eventually lost 9-10.

It appears to me that Fu's playing style has always been very "forced" and uncomfortable unlike many other players who play much more naturally. He is having a dreadful season; I have no idea how he managed to get into top 8 last year, and it looks like he may still be lucky enough to hang on to a top 16 place.

On the other hand, I can't quite believe what I'm seeing about that Martin Gould: at the time of this writing he is already 11-5 up against Neil Robertson. He just gets down and makes all sorts of insane pots and never misses a thing!

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