Friday, December 05, 2008

Royal visit

The Queen and Prince Philip visited the university. Since the university is publicizing it as if it is the biggest event in the universe, I would save typing a few keystrokes and just point you to here for what it is all about, pictures, etc.

The Maths and CS Building has, I would say, the best view of the whole thing. One side of the building are offices with windows facing the library directly. Unfortunately mine is at the opposite side. Nevertheless I (and others) went to a room at a corner of the building, which used to be secretaries' office and now half-abandoned; it has a 270 degrees view of the whole thing, high enough to be above the crowd but low enough to see as closely as possible. See pictures below. (Btw, the day before, somebody had already put up a notice on the front door of the building saying there is no public viewing places inside. Depending on your interpretation, you can call it a lie.)

The thing I wondered is the (apparent lack of) security. Given our superb viewing angle, if anyone here is not that happy with them and has some weapon...

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