Monday, April 04, 2005

CityU (2): the office and the PC

Now the office. I'm in a room with 5 other people. This office is designed by a genius, with a 3-feet-in-diameter "pillar" (I hope this is the right word, you know how bad my English is) standing right inside the (small) room, and it is right behind me.
Beside it is a pile of unused "Legend" PCs, monitors, etc. I thought I'm in the department of computer recycling. But one thing I like is that it is very difficult for others to look at my screen.

And the PC. Actually they have plenty of PCs around, just that my boss has some PCs of his own (project grant??) and somehow his students can't dig it out without using several hours. And the network card is so special that it can't be automatically detected and used. The technical support gives me another network card. By the way, while they put almost all departments in the same building, they put the CS technical staff in another building.

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