Monday, January 03, 2005

19" LCD monitor

After some broadcast-email "discussion" within the department, we get the new 19" LCD monitors today.

A bigger monitor reduces the number of scrolls required when viewing large-size high-resolution girl photos, therefore reducing the amount of time spent on these things in office (assuming the number of photos to be viewed remains constant). Hence, this increases our research productivity...


Eric said...

Have you heard of a case that a "sweet" wallpaper was shown to the student on screen?

spyfung said...

No. Tell me more!

Eric said...

Prof. left, tutorial started. TA started his "maybe borrowed" notebook. Wallpaper shown on screen. Everybody silent. Screen off, screen on, wallpaper removed.

It's not a sexy photo, it's "sweet" XDDD.

spyfung said...

Thanks. But could you give just a bit more details? When did it happen? And some hints on who's that?

Eric said...

The award goes to ZZQ

I have the following in my e-mail

Venue: CYC Theatre B
Date: 1st March 2003
Time: 3:40PM